Sogbots is an independent production company based in Echo Park, CA.  We are focused on community-building through filmmaking in Los Angeles.



Noah Edward Morse is a director and photographer from Johnston, RI. He has directed and served as director of photography on numerous shorts and music videos including Mattress ExpressKámo, Ransom, This is King Issa, Actions Have Consequences, and Going Green, winner of Best Editing at the 2017 Baltimore 48 Hour Film Festival. His work has also been featured on PBS’ documentary series, NOVA and in publications such as Fashionista and The Film Desert.

Noah is a graduate of George Washington University. He is also the best cook in the house and nobody will ever dispute it.

Dylan is a director, editor, writer, and composer from suburban Detroit. He’s currently an editor with Indigenous Media, having worked on several commercial projects and for their documentary series, 60 Second Docs. He has a passion for independent film, reminding people he’s from the midwest and speaking in the third person about himself. There’s not much else to him.


Nir Liebenthal is a producer, actor, and writer from Boston/Milwaukee/Winnipeg/Israel. He currently works at Netflix Animation, having worked on two animated features coming out in 2022. Prior to Netflix, he worked at the Center for Scholars & Storytellers, a psychology lab at UCLA that does research on entertainment media.

Nir is a graduate of The George Washington University. He has a background in theatre and improv, likes to play (and watch) basketball, and indulges in long games of online chess.

Jeremy is an actor, writer, and producer originally from southeastern MA. He studied at Brown University where he was head of production with Brown Motion Pictures and a member of Ivy Film Festival's programming team. He’s held positions at Boston-based Canopy Films, Run for Cover Records, and the venture capital firm Loeb.NYC. As an actor, he’s appeared in over 9 films and 10 stage productions, including as a guest star in Netflix’s The Society and multi-season performer with Trinity Repertory Company. Along with film and performance, Jeremy is passionate about education, urban design, and perfecting his cacio e pepe recipe - a dish that (somehow) you can burn.
Jeremy is represented at Industry Entertainment.