Are you an LA-based filmmaker looking to get your short film past the finish line? Do you need support to keep your project on budget during post-production?

Application Deadline July 31st


Sogbots is providing a $2,500 post-production fund for an LA-based short filmmaker working to complete their short film. As filmmakers ourselves, we know that finishing a movie is difficult and costly – whether it be an unexpected production cost, a colorist that you just need to pay a little extra for, or a heap of festival submission fees, staying within a tight indie budget can be a real challenge. With the “Fix it in Post” Fund, sogbots wants to help your short film cross the finish line.


By July 31st, please submit:

  1. A cut of your short film (in any stage from rough cut to picture lock)

  2. A deck with your film’s logline, budget, key cast + crew bios, director’s statement, and timeline

  3. A 500-word write-up or 60-second video explaining the following:

    • Why you are making this film and what your hopes are for it.

    • What element of post-production do you need support with?

    • What do you plan to do with the money?

*Selected finalists will be asked to participate in a live meeting (in-person or on Zoom) with our team. From there, one finalist will be selected to receive the fund. 



Who is sogbots?

Are there any strings attached?
  • In addition to the $2,500, sogbots will be available to provide consultation and resources to help you navigate the post-production process so that you create not only a strong film, but one that will be helpful to you and your career. Together, we’ll find a level of involvement that feels appropriate. As part of the agreement, sogbots will receive an Executive Producer credit. Our role is to support you in executing your vision while ensuring that the story remains yours. 

Who can apply?
  • Any LA-based filmmaker. Priority will be given to filmmakers early in their careers who have not yet made a feature length film.

What type of film are you looking for?
  • We are looking for the most exciting rising talent in independent film across all genres.

What are you looking for in an applicant?
  • We are looking for filmmakers who have:

(1) a strong conviction for making their film

(2) a plan for how this film will continue to build their career as a filmmaker

(3) a clear explanation of how the money and resources will be used

(4) a clear intention for what they want to do with their film once it has been completed (e.g., distribution plan, festival circuit, etc.)

Is there a specific date the film needs to be completed by?
  • Filmmakers should plan to finish their films by Spring 2025.

How many winners will be selected?
  • One winner will be selected for this year’s fund.

When will finalists hear back?
  • Finalists will be notified for interviews in August. The winner will be announced later that month.