Short, 2023

After twins Ben and Rosie botch their only chance to pull their childhood home out of foreclosure, their night spirals out of control.

Starring Isabella Tagliati, Nir Liebenthal
Directed by Noah Morse
Written by Noah Morse, Nir Liebenthal, Dylan Trupiano
Produced by Talia Light Rake, Page Brady, Noah Morse, Dylan Trupiano
Executive Producers David Nutter, Mark & Maureen Morse, Michele Tagliati
Director of Photography Frank Sun
Editor Eric Culhane
Original Score Chris Lock
Color Frank Sun
Production Design Natalia Ferrara

Grand Prize New England Director’s Award | Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Fest
Official Selection | Hollyshort Film Festival
Official Selection | Montana International Film Festival
Official Selection | Dances with Films: NYC
Official Selection | Vermont Film & Folklore Festival
Official Selection | Atlanta Shortsfest